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Kid Koala – Basin Street Blues 28 March, 2006

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So here’s my first attempt at embedding a YouTube video.

If it doesn’t work, you might have to update your Flash Player.

This spooky and surreal animated music video from Kid Koala perfectly captures the gritty, sad, yet “uplifting” vibe of a traditional New Orleans funeral.

If you liked this video, you can watch a higher quality version (11MB QT) here.

You can find out more about Kid Koala here.

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hey hey hey, it’s… 26 March, 2006

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Fat Albert Napoleon Dynamite

Fat Dynamite!!!

This frickin’ sweet video mash-up/remix is a perfect example of why traditional copyright laws need to be reformed.

Combining animation from Fat Albert with audio from Napoleon Dynamite, Shawn Nee of idiotwork creates a funny, yet thoughtful juxtaposition of the two pop-culture icons that includes subtle (and not so subtle) critiques of racism and politics.

Watch video on YouTube

Come on baby, let’s do the Twist – 25 March, 2006

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chubby checker king of twist
the Lambrett Twist, that is!

watch video on YouTube

TV is dead… Long live TV!!! 24 March, 2006

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retro tv

Hey kids, let’s face it –

we’re all addicted to staring at moving images on a glowing screen.

But traditional television is so… 20th century.

Now we can have fun AND rebel against the corporate media overlords
by utilizing the power of the internets!

i’ll link to some of my favorite sites for watching and sharing video
on the web after the jump.


Now that’s one tough kitten! 22 March, 2006

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Don’t mess with Ed when she’s eating.

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Microphone Check 21 March, 2006

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vintage mics

* tap tap tap *

Is this thing on?

(cough cough)

Check one, two, testing…

Can you hear me now???

Hello world! 21 March, 2006

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your my first post. Edit or delete it, then Now I start blogging!