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Picture of the Day: cherry wallpaper 1 April, 2006

Posted by ~V~ in Images, Philosophy, Picture of the Day, Portland.

i admit it. i’m really not the most prolific writer. But here we are…

And i want to fill this space with interesting, enlightening,
and entertaining artifacts as a record of our travels together.

Many of our most meaningful connections and experiences
can’t be fully described and communicated with words alone.
Some beauty is always lost in translation.

So here’s a new category for posts: Picture of the Day.

Whenever i want to show you some good art, i’ll post a unique image or photo.

Sometimes it will be an image i’ve created, but more often it will be the work of another artist whose vision i want to share with you.

Because one picture is worth at least a thousand words.

life is kinda like this...
life is kinda like this…

About this image:

i took this photo one June afternoon of some fresh cherries that i picked from
a huge cherry tree that grew outside my window.

These cherries were so tasty that i risked broken bones to climb higher up the tree to get more of that sweet ripe fruity goodness once i had picked and eaten all i could reach from my balcony.

And now, thanks both to luck and the miracles of technology, these “fruits”
of my labor are preserved right here on your screen —
eternally fresh, for your two-dimensional enjoyment.

You can use this image as a desktop wallpaper: click on the photo and it will open full-size in a new browser window. Then, right-click on the photo
and choose to set it as your desktop background.

This photo is part of my Flickr set “cherry/red”.

You can check out my Flickr photostream here.

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1. oneparticularwave » Picture of the Day: urban waterfall wallpaper - 19 April, 2006

[…] Like the cherry photo in a previous post, this is also a nice photo to use as a wallpaper: just click on the image and it will open in a new browser window. Then, right-click it and choose to set it as your desktop background. […]

2. bassi - 12 July, 2011

what this this type of cherries name plese let me know

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