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Picture of the Day: from the Voyager Tarot – XIV Art 13 October, 2006

Posted by ~V~ in Images, Philosophy, Picture of the Day, Spirituality.

because one picture is worth at least a thousand words.

(click on image to see full-size)

Art, represented by Athena, the Greek patron goddess of the arts, symbolizes the law of creativity.
You are a creative artist in all aspects of being and in all endeavours of worldly life.

Creativity is an alchemical art of dissolving old forms and recombining them as a new synthesis.
See the disintegration in your life as a creative opportunity.

You communicate yourself to the world by shooting forth through the rainbow your ideas, visions, and products. Your creative expression, like the orchid, has an impact on the world.

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1. ladyalison - 18 October, 2006

I love how detailed this picture is, it has so many elements in it. Like the water spilling through the hands onto the spiderweb, but it’s as if the water is making the spiderweb. And the swans neck coming out of the flower. As if everything is connected. The lightening and sunny skies, and lava in the resivoir. ooo and i just noticed the face in the stone. This would be a cool poster to have.

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