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YouTube Video of the Day: Regina Spektor – Us 17 October, 2006

Posted by ~V~ in Sounds, Video, YouTube Video of the Day.

They made a statue of us
and put it on a mountain top.

They’ll name a city after us
and later say it’s all our fault.


from the album Soviet Kitsch

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1. ladyalison - 18 October, 2006

I love all of her videos. I went and looked them all up after you mentioned her in class. They are very intreging, and always keep your attention. I liked when she crumpled up her piano, and when all of the figures came out of her mouth. She really exagerates her singing expressions. I think i might have to pick me up one of her cd’s. She reminds me of Fiona Apple in some of her songs, and i love Fiona Apple.

2. ~V~ - 29 November, 2007

This blog (oneparticularwave.wordpress.com) is no longer updated. You can see current posts, including more music from
Regina Spektor, here:


Click on the link and enjoy!


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