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Picture of the Day: from Noel Barnett 14 November, 2006

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because an image speaks volumes in an instant.

(click on image to see a larger photo)Untitled by Noel Barnett
Untitled by Noel Barnett                 48″ x 60″                 Tempera on Canvas

You were asking what the title of the piece is. But there is no title. In fact, I don’t put titles on a lot of the work I do.

Why? Because when it comes to abstract art, the work can speak to many different people in many different ways.

You can have a hundred people look at a specific piece and you could conceivably have a hundred different reactions to it. The meaning, feeling, and emotion that’s generated can be strikingly different from one person to the next.

So for me, by titling or “labeling” a piece you end up “putting it in a box”, so to speak. Then that piece becomes something specific. Which limits your imagination and the possibilities of what the piece could be or mean.

I like to leave it open to each individual looking at the piece to determine what it means to them without any outside influence telling them what it’s supposed to mean. That make sense?

Noel Barnett is a member of the Talisman Gallery at 1476 NE Alberta Street in sunny Portland, Oregon.

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1. Mark Wilson - 15 November, 2006

Love the colors & the way it flows! Nice work, be great to see more of it.

2. Tomas - 24 December, 2006

Dear Noel Barnett,
I’m not used to talk about the art, but now I want to say something … nice: Thank you!!!!!!!
I’m hard to name your picture, but your colors have pierced my heart and …that’s wonderful. Reality looks awfully but the hope is wandering and we both are searching for each other in the awesome silence of my room amidst the laughter of the Holiday under the windows.
Maybe, I am talking nonsense but it is so good not to think about the clock on the wall, about the clock on my hand and to have though some goal for to live for. I am cheerfully running after my hope on colorful tracks of your picture that unexpectedly transforms into … Christmas tree. Wow!
Merry Christmas

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