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Picture of the Day: from Chromakode 26 November, 2006

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because an image speaks volumes in an instant.

(click on image to see a larger photo)kodamatic
kodamatic by Chromakode

Mmmm, kodamatic…

Taken at an arts and acting camp where I work in the summer. They have a “photography tent,” where children young and old can borrow cameras and do a lot of cool photography-related activites.

The place is also literally covered in gorgeous old cameras, apparently donated by some photography enthusiasts a while back.

It’s wonderful… there’s old Kodaks like this, some even older-looking single-frame ones with small lenses and fabric covers, and all manner of gadgets and components hanging around.

Every now and then, a child will discover a working flash module and use it on people for the rest of the day!

I miss it there…

Chromakode is a Portland artist, blogger, musician, and force of nature.



Shape: an Internet sketchbook, in black and white. Updated daily.


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