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Song of the Day: Linda Strawberry – Orchid 28 November, 2006

Posted by ~V~ in Images, Song of the Day, Sounds.

because if silence is golden,
then music must be made of diamonds.


There’s a girl so lonely in the water, longing for the shore.
There’s a fear that’s screaming out inside her
that makes her really pure…

Such a delicate orchid – too beautiful to abandon.

i see through satellite eyes…
photo art by Kristin Burns & Linda Strawberry ~ click to see a larger image.


strawberrySo misunderstood,
she’s not difficult –
she’s just different from the rest of us.


Linda Strawberry – Orchid (demo) (3.1MB mp3)

see + hear more


Muchas gracias to the lovely ladyalison for the introduction…

What does this song mean to you? Leave a comment.

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1. James - 30 November, 2006

Great track, hoping for big things from linda strawberry next year.

Thanks for leading me in the right direction to this song. I’ve been looking for an mp3 vesrion for weeks.

Have you got anymore tracks by her?

2. sami - 16 November, 2007

wow i love it

3. ~V~ - 27 November, 2007

This blog (oneparticularwave.wordpress.com) is no longer updated. You can see current posts, including more music from
Linda Strawberry, here:


Click on the link and enjoy!


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