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Picture of the Day: from Bret Hostetler 15 December, 2006

Posted by ~V~ in Images, Picture of the Day, Portland.

because an image speaks volumes in an instant.

(click on image to see a larger photo)Squeezebox Opera by Bret Hostetler
Squeezebox Opera by Bret Hostetler            36″ x 48″            Oil on canvas

Making art has always been a process of learning for me. Each of my artworks offers a new possibility. The process starts by describing an emotional space, and then the subject matter reveals itself, often times relating to my dreams.
I paint intuitively, correcting and giving order until the painting takes on its own original shape.

I believe great art observes the observer, it invites you in but you must reason with the ramifications of being there. I am inspired by graffiti artists as well as old masters.
When I work, I use music as a catalyst, and draw upon its ability to optimize the human spirit.
The outcome is the evidence of overcoming soulful obstacles on the path to knowing thyself.

My focus is on what binds us together as human beings. Water and earth are prominent in my paintings, as are they in our daily lives.
Ultimately, my artwork is my own modern psychology meant to reveal the magic and illusion in the world.

Bret Hostetler practices his psychology at his studio in the 1627 Studios
on Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon.

Walk-in appointments are available every last Thursday of the month.

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1. ~V~ - 29 November, 2007

This blog (oneparticularwave.wordpress.com) is no longer updated. You can see current posts, including more art from Bret Hostetler, here:


Click on the link and enjoy!


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