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Everything Must Go — 31 December, 2006

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For a new year, a new home:


Let’s fly…




1. Jane Hirshfield - 19 October, 2007

hello– I tried to send this a moment ago, not sure that it went through… The “everything is connected” quote, which someone asked the source for, comes from me (Jane Hirshfield), and yes, I repeated it on the “New Dimensions” broadcast… If possible at this late point to put the attribution onto quote, that would be lovely. Thank you for appreciating it.

2. ~V~ - 27 November, 2007

This blog (oneparticularwave.wordpress.com) is no longer updated. You can see current posts here:


Click on the link and enjoy!


3. kaseybarnes79146 - 8 April, 2016

[…] I’m loving my new job as Education Director of the Marin Shakespeare Company, but it’s quickly becoming clear that I’m not going to be able to continue regular posts about Hamlet. Which, considering the show closed a month and a half ago, is probably appropriate anyway. I’ll leave this blog up, and I’ll continue to post erratically — when I can’t sleep, or when something occurs to me, or when the official archive photos finally come in, or when I finish editing more of the video. But no more trying to post something every week. […] Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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