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Everything Must Go — 31 December, 2006

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For a new year, a new home:


Let’s fly…



YouTube Video of the Day: What is a Darknet, Charlie Brown??? 13 April, 2006

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Why? Because i love YouTube!

No actual Peanuts characters were humped during the making of this video.

i just wish i could say the same for the Sesame Street characters…

Wanna join a Darknet?

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the Red Baron exults in victory!!!

Picture(s) of the Day: If this kid can play guitar or piano, i want him in my band. 12 April, 2006

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because one two pictures is are worth at least a two thousand words.

(click on each image to see full-size)

one hand...washes the other...

from Wikipedia:

Polydactyly, or polydactylism, also known as hyperdactyly,
is the anatomical abnormality of having more than the usual number
of digits on the hands and/or feet

Historically and in the contemporary world, polydactylyism has been
associated with witchcraft, psychic power, the extraterrestrial,
divine connection, and sporting prowess.

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Quote of the Day: from Samuel Beckett 5 April, 2006

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because i couldn’t have said it better myself…

I write about myself with the same pencil
and in the same exercise book as about him.

It is no longer I,
but another whose life is just beginning.

~ Samuel Beckett (1906-1989)

young Samuel Beckett old Samuel Beckett

more quotes from Samuel Beckett:

here, here, and here

We are all born mad. Some remain so.

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TV is dead… Long live TV!!! 24 March, 2006

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retro tv

Hey kids, let’s face it –

we’re all addicted to staring at moving images on a glowing screen.

But traditional television is so… 20th century.

Now we can have fun AND rebel against the corporate media overlords
by utilizing the power of the internets!

i’ll link to some of my favorite sites for watching and sharing video
on the web after the jump.