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i am me.

loosen up my buttons, babe  ; P

oh me oh my.


Once there was a time when i wanted to be
the face you would see
on the stage and on the screen
and read all about in the latest magazines.

But now i’m content right here behind the scenes –
pushing the buttons and pulling the strings.


more about me (2.7MB mp3)

even more about me (2.8MB mp3)

. . .



1. lenina - 11 August, 2006


I’ve noticed that you haven’t posted on your blog in ages! Why have you stopped writing? Did you just get bored, or was it too much work? Is your blog dead for good, or are you going to continue to write? Please let me know 🙂 .

Blog Liberation Front (http://lenina.wordpress.com/)

2. ~V~ - 10 September, 2006

never fear, dear lenina.
i have returned.
thank you for your concern.

3. Tomas - 29 December, 2006

Wow, your bio sounds like my own.

When we become content right here behind the scenes –
we discover ourselves in everyone we are blessed to meet with litterally on our road.

I wish you the best New Year and let Merry Cristmas be on every day.

4. ~V~ - 29 December, 2006

There are even more scenes behind the scenes, it seems…
You know what i mean?

5. Peter - 6 January, 2007

What is the origin of

“Everything is connected.

Everything changes.

Pay attention.”


Heard a poet on the Michael Thoms radio show talk about it (the items was re-broadcast on ABC Radio National here Oz)

6. perpetula - 22 February, 2007

Hy there, I came on your blog by accindent and I liked it very much ^^
I’ll keep on reading it seems very interesting

7. Jane Hirshfield - 19 October, 2007

Might you still add the attribution to the “Everything is connected” quote? It was said by Jane Hirshfield. (That’s me.)

8. ~V~ - 28 November, 2007

This blog (oneparticularwave.wordpress.com) is no longer updated. You can see current posts here:


Click on the link and enjoy!


9. Lindsay - 16 September, 2008

what a shame, as this has been an inspirational half hour on your site. Do you lik mine?

10. sadie - 20 January, 2017

Yo! I Miss your blog.. I remember looking at it in 2008!.. it was a very inspirational time for me and this blog had a big part in my life. 🙂

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